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Prosperous Living is Within Your Reach

HIROSHI is Japanese for Prosperous. I truly believe that prosperous living is within your reach. You have to have a desire for it. I am starting this site because I have been wanting to turn my own finical management plan around. I am sure that most people can relate to the fact that there always seem to be too many bills and that it is all too often that these bills will add up to a greater total amount than the amount of earnings. I have tried to find answers in many places. I have read several books and searched across the internet. I am now a believer that there is a hidden plan in place that holds most people back.

Everybody says they want finical freedom. However, most people have no clue as to what it takes to get finical freedom. People are living way beyond their means. Meanwhile there are about about 10% of the people are able to manage their money wisely. It is truly as easy as 1, 2, 3.



1. They know how they should spend their money. It is all about choosing how they spend their money.

2. They know how they should budget their money.

3. They know how to create a finical plan and how to stick to it.

I am going to be posting to this site various resources that will help us all to reach prosperous living. We owe it to ourselves, to our families, and to our communities to find that prosperous living.

So enjoy the journey as you grow and learn.

Walter Looney

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